There is a link to registration at the bottom of this page.
Please read and understand this information before you register.
•Jewelry making involves fire, chemicals, hand tools and power tools.
•If not  performed carefully and responsibly injuries can occur.
•It is important that  you read and observe the behavior and dress
 policies below.
Be aware of
your surroundings at all times while in the studio environment.

• Students are expected to conduct themselves with consideration and respect for the instructor, other people in
the studio and for the facility at all times. The instructor reserves the right to immediately dismiss from classes
(without refund) any persons not acting safely or responsibly. No photos or video can be taken without the express
permission of the instructor. No cell phone use is allowed in the studio. Please take your mobile communications

Dress Policy
• Plan to wear all natural fiber clothing; synthetics can burn or melt. Do not wear anything too baggy that might be
caught on something or burned.
• No open-toed shoes of any kind are allowed in the studio.
• The studio can be cold or hot depending on the season. Check the weather and dress accordingly.
• Long hair must be pulled back.
• Safety glasses are required whenever you are in the studio. If you own safety glasses, please bring them.

Age Policy
• The minimum age for participation in these classes is 18.
• Registration is open until the class begins or when full. I will not turn away students if possible.
• Register as soon as possible to secure your spot because classes fill up fast!

• You can register on my website via PAYPAL using your account or with a credit card as a PAYPAL guest.
• You can register in person with me at the studio (before and after class or during lunch break) using a credit card
or check.
• You can register by mail by sending your check to;
Carl Stanley
1744 Calle Poniente
Santa Barbara, CA 93101.
• Make checks payable to Carl Stanley.
• Please note that if you're paying by check, your spot will not be secured until your payment has cleared.
• There is a $35 charge for returned checks.

Student Cancellation
• There is a $50.00 cancellation fee for any class cancelled by a student. 
• Students must cancel their registration at least 10 days prior to the start of class in order to receive a refund
minus this fee. 
• Students that cancel within 10 days of class will only receive a refund (minus fee) if there is an adequate number
of students to continue the class or the slot can be filled.
For cancellations with less that 5 days notice or for missed classes, there will be no refunds, transfers, credit or make-ups.     

Class Cancellation Policy
I reserve the right to cancel classes at any time due to low enrollment, illness or other personal conflicts.
• In the unlikely event that it is necessary to cancel a class, I will notify registered students by phone or email and
  refund the full tuition amount.